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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Signs of Hope for Air America?

by Jay Allbritton
Brilliant at Breakfast has another great post about the monkey business going on Air America. I'm going to take it easy on AAR because Marc Maron and Sam Seder have temporarily stepped into the breach created when Randi Rhodes left, though they are only hosting on a fill-in basis, with more celebrities to follow. Still, I have to believe that AAR wouldn't dangle Maron and Seder out there like this if they didn't have something in mind.

Then again, it's radio, so the rules of logic do not hold. For example, while it makes good sense to me that AAR would want to fill all 24 hours with quality hosts, instead they have just three real hosts working daily (sorry, Clout and the other show doesn't count). Wow. Nine consistent hours a day. No morning show. What a juggernaut. I like Lionel and Thom Hartmann just fine, but you're not striking fear into the hearts of the right wing with that. Even Rachel Maddow's show has been badly mismanaged of late with the firing of Kent Jones and the subtraction by addition of David Bender. Also, wasting an hour of her show so AAR can simulcast a bad MSNBC show is retarded. The idea of alternate programming is to, you know, have some.

By the way something, I tuned in for a few minutes here and there when Roseanne Barr was on last week. I would rather have monkey crap flung at me. Don't ever do that again.


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