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Friday, May 23, 2008

Tucker Carlson '08--Change That Can Beat You Up in the Bathroom

by Jay Allbritton
Word around the campfire is that Tucker Carlson will run for President and that he's trying to wrest the much sought after Libertarian nomination from the likes of Bob Barr and Mike Gravel.

So, here's the IST push poll question: Would you vote for a guy running for President who pretends to have beaten up gay guys in public bathrooms?

This could just be someone's idea of a way to keep Bob Barr out of the race, I guess by throwing the nomination to Gravel. Sounds silly now, but Florida 2000 shows that every slice of the pie counts.

I think the Libertarians have to know that Carlson is a clown and that Gravel is a very odd fit for them. Very odd moves going on here.

Speaking of the bathroom, the visceral disgust I feel when I think of President Tucker Carlson may just send me to the T-room.


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