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Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July Special Comment

by Jay Allbritton
It's been nearly eight years of insanity since the Supreme Court stuck George W. Bush into office. The insanity peaked in early 2005, when Bush was inaugurated for a second term. The horror I felt at the sight of this incompetent murder waltzing by the judgment of history to smugly stand before us and claim a mandate from a stolen election while pushing his bogus occupation as some Churchillian endeavor while gathering his imaginary political capital for a push to privatize social security...

While the second term of the Bush Administration rolled on endlessly, the one respite that people who were intensely nauseated by our criminal president could rely on was the liberal blogs. In the spirit of the revolutionaries that so many of us emulated, we got to work. Research warriors, mostly working in their free time for no pay, broke down the propaganda of the administration, exposing one fabrication after another. If it weren't for these alternatives to the hard line that took over all aspects of the media, we would have had no voice and the class warriors for wealth and greed who dominate positions of power in our government, our businesses and our culture would have hauled off more fortune at the expense of blood and misery than the massive tolls they accumulated thus far.

Now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The pendulum is swinging back the other way. Barring a staggering electoral upset, the progressive movement will come out of a very dark period of its history to find that the Republicans have essentially been run out of Washington, D.C.

But what remains is a Democratic Congress that is completely out of touch with the progressive movement and a President that many in the movement are pissed off at for the way he has conducted the general election. The stress of these realities has taken a toll on "liberal blog unity". No problem there, because no blogger worth a damn wants this movement to be about conformity. That shit is for losers. If anything killed the conservative movement it is their zealous adherence to the party line. Without dissenters in their own movement, bad move after bad move were reinforced by the right wing echo chamber that so many political critics credited with being the secret ingredient for a ong term Republican majority that only lasted 12 years.

The infighting on the left should be an inherent strength because it propels the best the ideas to the surface where savvy politicians can wield them against insufficiently armed Republicans. It's not that simple. While the competition often does drive very clear and affective ideas into the political discourse, there is a critical mass at which healthy competition becomes fierce bloodletting.

During this critical point in the campaign, it seems that the bloodletting has crossed the line and our candidate is being undermined. We're in danger of scrificng the good in futile pursuit of the perfect. Sounds lame perhaps, but here's what I plan to do. When Obama does something that feel like "moves to the center", I will think about the morning after the 2004 election when John Kerry inexplicably stopped fighting despite supporters from all over the country jumping on cars, boats, trains, buses, mules, mopeds, bicycles and tricycles desperately trying to get to Ohio so they could tear that state apart to find all the votes that were swiped.

Happy Fourth of July.


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