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Monday, July 21, 2008

Lightning Round--McCain's Veep, Netroots Nation, Maliki, Blogrolling, Ice Trucking, More

by Jay Allbritton
Political Machine: Word on the street is that McCain is close to naming his running mate.

Blue Gal: Reflections on Netroots Nation, complete with needlepoint.

Firedoglake: "Oh you were looking for the KKK? No, this is Netroots Nation. Sorry. You wanted the ranch down the street."

BeggarsCanBeChoosers: Is Nouri al-Maliki in danger?

Jonathan Schwarz: What did Donald Rumsfeld think of Maliki in 2006?

Greg Laden: Greg takes the art of the blogroll to the next level.

Sports Illustrated: Peter King, not the Congressman, I think, breaks down the gut wrenching trade of Jason Taylor. Taylor is one of the last people in sports I find myself genuinely caring about. But this is good for the my favorite NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, a team and a sport I care less and less about every year. Might be time to start rooting for the Redskins. At least in the NFC.

Huffington Post: I got to see The Dark Knight. It is indeed a fantastic movie. The hype is so substantial that by definition it has to be a little over-rated, but since the first one was so damned under-rated, I guess it's fair. I'm close to making the controversial declaration that the first one is actually the better movie, but I'll hold back until I see it again. I'm thinking that the Penguin, as portrayed by Dick Cheney, has to be an option for the next one, especially since Cheney will be availible. But is The Dark Knight saying something about Cheney himself?

Lineara: Hang in there ice trucker, global warming will have you out of there any minute.


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