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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rove/Edwards Debates Prelude to Court Date?

by Jay Allbritton
If Karl Rove isn't in prison by then, he and John Edwards will have a debate at the University of Buffalo on September 26. I hope the networks pick this baby up, because this is going to be sweet. Based on his performance as a Fox news pundit, I have no idea what MC Rove is thinking. This is John Edwards were talking about.

I guess it's possible that Rove buys the meme that Edwards isn't a good debater. Many in the press considered his debate with Dick Cheney in 2004 to have been a wash. Perhaps it was, but does Rove really think he's on the same intellectual plane as Dick Cheney? And it doesn't hurt that John Edwards spent 2007 at Democrat debate camp with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and company.

If things play out just right, one of these days we may see these two men square off in a court of law with Edwards as prosecutor and Rove as defendant.

By the way something, I see this as a clear indication that Edwards is not going to be the Democratic nominee for Vice President. He would have been a good pick, but it doesn't make sense for the nominee to be mucking about with this little piggy.


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