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Friday, August 08, 2008

Robot Hordes Vanquished!

by Jay Allbritton
I am back from the frontlines of the robot incursion into Antarctica. Like most things--and for good reason--I blamed Dick Cheney for the appearance of the robot hordes, but I can now report that the robots were sent by a telecom company--Verizon. Unless Cheney and Verizon were somehow working together... But what, I ask you, what could possibly indicate that the Bush Administration and the telecoms are working together?

Verizon, and their incompetent robots have been vanquished and Ice Station Tango is once again fully operational. I would like to thank my good friends Unconventional Conventionist and SadButTrue for holding down the fort while the penguins and I picked off droid scum one by one in our Antarctic rover.

So, what did I miss? Looking back over the logs generated by the ISTCC's deep blogosphere nonsense probe, I see that even more nonsense than usual has transpired this week.

When I read about the death of the anthrax killer, my first reaction was, "So who's the Vice President now?"

Then I read some more, and it looks more and more like Bruce Ivins is the perfect patsy for a much bigger conspiracy.

Keith Olbermann has his teeth deep into this obvious cover-up.


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