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Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain's Massive Bounce Bugs Me

by Jay Allbritton
I gotta hand it to John McCain. Maybe it wasn't his idea, but the selection of Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius. It may still backfire, but the massive distraction and the nauseating play to the base was just what the doctor ordered for a campaign that had zero going for it. Barack Obama's strength as a politician, as he showed against Hillary Clinton, is his ability to take a small lead and choke his opponent out slowly with it. The Palin Rift With Reality Phenomenon that sucked America deep into a truth vacuum last week reset the electorate and turned this into a bloody two-month race that McCain gets to begin with a sizable head start.

Perhaps I'm having a severe allergic reaction to McCain's clear and sizable convention bounce. The conventional wisdom on convention bounces is don't take them too seriously. Well I'm taking it seriously. Obama has the built in advantage of not being John McCain, but the American people seem intent on self-immolation. What the fuck is going on in this country? How much pain do you people need?


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