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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Red Flag of "The White Flag of Surrender"

by Jay Allbritton
The McCain campaign has spent the entire duration of the general election trying desperately to claw its way out from under the compelling charge that John McCain represent four more years of Bush-style politics.

So what does this train wreck of a campaign do? They send out Sarah Palin to remind us all of why we dislike George W. Bush. As an Obama supporter, all I can say is thank you. You shouldn't have.

This debate was Christmas in October for Obama supporters who will wake up Friday one major step closer to the prize. The reason for that is Sarah Palin can't pronounce the word Nuclear either and she went ahead and accused those who would end the occupation of Iraq of waving "the white flag of surrender".

The accusation will gain them what exactly? How many times to we have to chase our tail on this one? The jig is up on this war, Governor Palin. The surge has been over for months and yet all we hear about Iraq from the McCain/Palin campaign is how great that surge was. All sides, except the McCain campaign are resigned to a timetable and she wants to put a fresh slab of red meat on the table now?

Mitt Romney could have done better.

Shit, Fred Thompson could have done better.


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