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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Second Presidential Debate Reaction

by Jay Allbritton
I gotta say, that debate was a real piece of shit. Tom Brokaw's endless whining about the format being adhered to drove me nuts until, finally, even he couldn't stand himself anymore and finally shut up about it.

John McCain was his usual embarrassing self. When McCain called Obama "This one" he showed his ass once again. This man doesn't have the temperament not to act like an asshole in a Presidential debate, how can he deal with being President? A lot of political analysts keep attributing the trajectory of the race to McCain's horsecrap campaign, when a lot more credit has to go to Obama for shutting down all credible lines of attack months ago. McCain was left flailing, and flailing at his age just looks like hell.

McCain's campaign also put him in a box by sending out Sarah Palin to attack Obama's associations. This is an impotent line of attack that dried up before the general election, so for Palin to resuscitate all that nonsense obligated McCain to reinforce it in the debate. Yet, after days of Bill Ayers oozing out of every pore on Sarah Palin's body, John McCain didn't even deign to bring up this oh-so-important line of questioning at the big debate. Isn't that the same as an admission that this whole issue is deader than good journalism?

With John McCain shooting himself in the feet, Barack Obama didn't need to do any heavy lifting. Even his few aggressive moments seemed like overkill. It's like what Richard Clarke told us Donald Rumsfeld said when he was told to bomb Afghanistan. Rumsfeld whined that all the good targets are in Iraq. McCain is the Afghanistan of presidential camdidates. He has no good targets left to hit because they've all been destroyed long ago. By not making any mistakes that the media and McCain can seize on, Obama choked what little life was left out of the McCain campaign. He'll do the same in the last debate--after fifty million of these debates in the primaries and now two more in the can against McCain, Obama can kill off a debate in his sleep.

McCain opened the debate with what he thought was a very funny line about how nice it was to be with Barack Obama at a townhall meeting. This was the first of many mean spirited scripted lines that fell flat. But that line has new meaning after sitting through one ofthese things. Jesse Taylor at Pandagon points out that by foregoing McCain's offer to do a series of these townhall meetings, Obama "avoided putting us through that NINE MORE TIMES." Very presidential decision, Senator Obama, and a grateful nation thanks you for sparing us.

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