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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Media's Precarious Stretch for Balance

by Jay Allbritton
In the wake of the President's masterful performance at his prime time news conference last night, the media really had to wrack their collective little gray brain to come up with criticism, you know, for the sake of balance! So today we have to listen to all the balance monkeys in the LSM ask these two extremely lame questions:

1) Is Obama ruining the economy by talking about how fucked up the economy is?

2) Why's Obama so mean to Joe Biden?

I would say that by making it perfectly clear that he understands how bad the economy is, Obama is actually instilling confidence in the American people. Confidence in the President may not extend consumer confidence, but can you imagine how dazed this county would be if we had woke up today with the realization that the person in the White House still lived in fantasy land?

As for the jab at Biden, it's just shtik, people. Yes, Biden is comically off-message and, yes, it does bother Obama--especially when Biden took a shot at Justice Roberts with Obama cringing right next to Biden--but that doesn't make Biden a dumb-ass any more than Al Gore's notorious stiffness made him a stooge. Gore was a fantastic VP, yet he was the butt of abuse from Bill Clinton throughout his presidency.


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