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Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's The Problem Right There

by Jay Allbritton
In their desperation to respond to accusations by President Obama that they do not have a budget Republicans rushed in with... no one knows what it is, but it's not a budget.
Yesterday, House Republicans made a pretty big deal about unveiling their budget alternative.

In fact, we received this email from a House GOP spokeswoman, "Given the President’s comments [Tuesday] night that, 'we haven’t seen a budget out of [Republicans],' we wanted to make sure to make you all aware that we are introducing our Republican Budget Alternative tomorrow."

And then what happens today? House Republicans release a 19-page document that contains no hard spending numbers or deficit projections. Per the AP, "One of the few hard bits of information is a promise to simplify the tax code and cut income tax rates to 10 percent for people making $100,000 or less down. They also promise to cut domestic spending below current levels but don't say whether they are exempting Social Security. It's impossible to determine the projected deficit based on their offering."
So, they just changed the cover on a tax cut proposal, right?


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