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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shultz In, Shuster Out As MSNBC Host

by Jay Allbritton
MSNBC is about to hand its 6pm slot to liberal talker Ed Shultz. From an ideological standpoint, this is probably a push. Though Shuster has more of a pretense of journalism, he's clearly no fan of the Republican Party and/or he felt the best thing for his career was a personality-free attempt to be Kieth Olbermann, Jr. Though I'm no fan of Shultz, getting Shuster's mesmerizing jaw (he enunciates so hard I sometime think he's going to pull a muscle) out of my face during the dinner hour works for me. Besides, Shuster was a very good reporter, so let him go back to that. Of course MSNBC might decide that playing Hardball at 5pm and 7pm is ridiculous and just give Shuster the 5pm slot.

I thought Shultz was a shoe-in for the 10pm slot that MSNBC's been teasing, then the network decided over the weekend to put their 10pm plans on hold for the foreseebale future. So, put the Sam Seder vs. The Young Turks fun feud for that slot, which neither of them will likely ever get even though they are both better picks than Shultz or Shuster, on the back burner for the time being.


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