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Monday, May 18, 2009

CQ Shows Us the Rumsfeld We Fully Expected

by Jay Allbritton
CQ's expose of the insane cover pages Donald Rumsfeld allowed to adorn intelligence briefings cements Rumsfeld's place as one of America's all time theocrats, despite the fact that many observers attest that Rummy was not a zealot.

Not only did he fuck up the war, but he completely ignored the spirit of religious freedom in America in what looks like a naked attempt to manipulate an idiotic president. I really didn't think there was any chance this dude could be a bigger fuck-up than I thought he was. Life is full of surprises.

Of course we always knew Rummy was a titanic asshole. The feature Robert Draper wrote that accompanies the briefing covers in CQ is a must read that shows just how deeply disliked this guy was by people who were supposed to be on his side.

A little over three years ago, Rumsfeld was confronted by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. Here is Countdown's coverage of that priceless moment:

Nicole Sandler, host of the Radio or Not podcast and frequent substitute Air America guest host, recently spoke to McGovern at length. The podcast can be downloaded here.


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