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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bush Administration Let Pakistan Spend Anti-Terror Money on Whatever

by Jay Allbritton
A week after legislation to triple non-military aid to Pakistan passed Congress, a pair of army generals tells AP that of the $6.6 billion we sent to Pakistan since 9/11, only $500 million of the money went to the Pakistani military to fight militants.

Former dictator Pervez Musharraf regularly diverted these funds to other uses, including buying weapons to use if the country went to war with India. His spokesperson claimed that "he has answered all the questions."

There were signs that this was happening.
For more than a year, the Pentagon paid Pakistan's navy $19,000 a month per vehicle just for repair costs on a fleet of fewer than 20 vehicles. Monthly food bills doubled for no apparent reason, and for a year the Pentagon paid the bills without checking, according to the report.
Also, we didn't get bin Laden. This was the bin Laden money. Unless he's in St. Louis or something.


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