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Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Richly Deserving of Peace Prize Just for Beating McCain

by Jay Allbritton
Everyone seems all surprised that President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. The president joins Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter as the only American Presidents to win the award. Carter was the only one to win it after leaving office. Al Gore was the only man elected president to win the award without being allowed to serve as president.

Obama himself even seemed surprised in his speech responding to the award. But this is not the least bit surprising when you consider the world has watched President Bush win eight consecutive Halliburton War Prizes. Ending cowboy diplomacy alone was worth a Nobel Prize. Lowering tensions with Russia so much that Iran can be contained without war and his passionate campaign to secure loose nuclear materials were just gravy on the main dish--he beat the guy who set his intentions to bomb Iran to song. For that alone, congratulations Mr. President.

The president is going to need a cause to donate the $1.4 million he just won. I'm sure he knows that. Look for the donation to be announced within a week. Joe Klein has a good suggestion:
I'm sure there are other things he can and should do--starting with finding an appropriate place to donate the $1.4 million that comes with the award. I'd give it to Greg Mortenson or someone else who has a successful track record of building schools in difficult places.


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