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Saturday, January 23, 2010

We're Not Moving Right; We're Moving Back in Time

by Jay Allbritton
Bill O'Reilly says that the country is moving to the right. Shit! Again? This is amazing. We moved right when Reagan was elected. We moved right further with each subsequent Bush. Clinton wasn't a move to the left because he never got more than 50%. Then we moved right when George W. Bush magically won Florida. We moved again, this time waaaaaaaaaaay to the right in the aftermath of 9/11. All this moving right resulted in an even bigger Bush win in 2004--by 2% and the state of Ohio. We didn't move left when Katrina and Iraq became historic disasters. Nor did we move left when President Obama won his election in a massive landslide because all the people voting for the socialist were really just mad at Republicans for not being far enough to the right.

The truth is the people in this country doesn't care about left or right. They hate Democrats and Republicans enough for both parties to be considered a joke even by members of those parties. They hate the system that keeps making things worse.

The problem is, a lot of that anger is being directed at the wrong targets.

A clear expression of this misdirected rage was on display in Ravalli County, Montana, where a group of nearly 200 people are demanding that local leaders form a militia that they will use to do away with vaccinations, the EPA, and gun laws. Federal employees would need written approval in order to approach citizens of Ravalli.

They certainly won't be pleased with the upcoming H1N1 vaccination clinic. Oh, and you should hear how pissed they get when you call it "Ravioli County".

Meanwhile, the people of Oregon have a chance to raise the taxes of rich people and corporations. A special referendum will determine if new state-wide taxes, which will be temporary, will conclude on Tuesday; Oregon votes via mail. So far, the two measures each have at least ten point leads.

While it's nice to see states closing the gap between the classes, it would be even nicer to see the Federal government get on it. In the wake of the election of Scott Brown, the White House seems willing to at least talk a good game. I do find it both hilarious and nauseating that Republican Senator John Thune is accusing the president of class warfare for his sudden desire to push back on three decades of Wall Street deregulation. This first wave of resistance comes after a year of allowing the nonsense that crashed the economy in the first place to go utterly unchecked.

This comes one day after the latest devastating blow in the ongoing and very one-sided class war was fired by the conservatives on the Supreme Court when they blew a huge hole in campaign finance laws. The New York Times wrote, "With a single, disastrous 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has thrust politics back to the robber-baron era of the 19th century. Disingenuously waving the flag of the First Amendment, the court’s conservative majority has paved the way for corporations to use their vast treasuries to overwhelm elections and intimidate elected officials into doing their bidding."

We're not moving right, we're moving backwards through time, to a place we do not want to go. Until we can focus our ire in an organized manner at the targets that truly deserve it, the systematic dismantling of our freedoms that teabaggers fear will happen. But it won't be done by President Obama. It will be done by the million cracks and holes in the system that make him and any other single individual irrelevant. The war is against the influence that sheer monetary power exerts over or elected representatives and appointed officials.


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