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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Memo to the Obama Administration: It's Called a Talking Point, Look Into It

by Jay Allbritton
A recent CBS News/New York Times poll asked, "In general, do you think the Obama Administration has increased taxes for most Americans, decreased taxes for most Americans or have they kept taxes the same for most Americans?"

Only 12 percent of the people they asked answered the question correctly. 24 percent said that the Obama administration has raised taxes and 53 percent said they kept taxes the same.

This is an incredible PR victory for the opposition and an incredible communications failure by the White House, which has consistently had trouble getting simple truths to penetrate wave after wave of distortion. The most populist thing any administration can do is cut taxes. When Bush cut taxes we heard about it seemingly every time any Republican was on the air. It may be possible that no one could manage the White House communications office any better than the people running it now, since they are up against an unprecedented level of obstruction. But it's hard to say that anyone could do any worse.


David Derrico said...

In a similar vein, Obama did a pretty poor job communicating the real points of his health care reform, which got sidetracked with nonsense about "death panels" and "the government forcing you into a public health plan."

Most people are against his health care plan ... until they actually learn what's in it:


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