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Friday, February 05, 2010

Shelby Issues Blanket Hold of All Obama Nominees

by Jay Allbritton
As soon as the 41st Republican was sworn in, Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby, who is pissed at the White House because a $35 billion deal with Northrop Grumman wound up being voided, issued a blanket hold on all Obama nominees. I fully expect a fierce strikeback from the Democrats any minute now. It's going to be crushing. Just watch. Harry Reid will not stand for this kind of thing. They messed with the wrong political party this time.

Anywho, Think Progress looks back at a time when Sen. Shelby was beside himself with indignation because Democrats would not allow up or down votes. of the blanket hold, MyDD's Charles Lemos wrote, "This isn't government, this is hostage-taking."

Steve Benen has more on the filibustery nature of the Republican super-minority in the Senate. There is growing sentiment for "filibuster reform," even as the Republicans gleefully eye a juicy filibuster of the upcoming jobs bill. I'm sure the Senate will get right on that. I assume that kind of thing can't be filibustered, because that would just be hysterical.

UPDATE: Harry Reid pulled a stunt similar to Shelby's in 2004, TPM explains how it was the same and how it was very different.


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