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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Save Michael Steele

by Jay Allbritton
In the aftermath of... well, everything he's said and done since becoming RNC Chair, Michel Steele is facing a great deal of opposition from inside and outside of his party. Any Democrats that are actively trying to oust Steele--stop! Rising Hegemon commenter jimmiraybob wrote, "[H]ow do we save Michael Steele? He may be in real trouble this time. I would regret his loss to the Democrat cause."

This isn't just about Steele's many public humiliations. This is also about the fact that he is shitty at his job. Last month the Democratic Party, believed by many to be on the verge of being swept out of their massive Congressional majorities, out raised the GOP by more than $2 million.

We have to save this guy.

Luckily, word about the circus Steele's running over there hasn't fully penetrated, so, maybe there's hope.


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