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Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Treats President, American People, Like Chumps

by Jay Allbritton
Not that I would expect anything less, but the company that is in the process of spilling fucktons of oil into our sea and onto our beaches just bussed in hundreds of "temp workers" in an apparent ploy to make the president, who visited the Gulf Coast today, think that BP has a larger workforce that it actually does.

I'm beginning to wonder how long before BP's contempt for American citizens and our president pushes this into the realm of an international incident. Special relationship, my ass. This company has shit on us at every turn and the British government needs to step in and make sure these people start acting correctly.


Russ Weiss said...

There's nothing like busing in 300-400 people for a corporate photo op, is there?

Oh, is "fuckton" metric nomenclature?

The Station Agent said...

I believe the preferred nomenclature is a cubic fuckload.

705RupertJ_Brobst0 said...
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Anonymous said...

I think we should begin shooting the CEO of BP's office furniture, his wardrobe, his 401(k) and all of his personal belonging's down that goddamn hole until we clog that bastard up!

That might bring some urgency to the operation!

The Station Agent said...


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