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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lightning Round--Sam Seder Calls Bullshit, Atheist Anger, Smackdown in Connecticut, Teen Wolves, More...

by Jay Allbritton
Sam Seder: Sam's back with a new series of video clips wherein he tackles media bullshit. Here's the debut, We're not Greece.

TPM: The Connecticut Senate race is down to a triple-threat match... actually, it's more like a number-one contenders match between two Republicans--former WWE CEO Linda McMahon and former Congressman Rob Simmons. The winner will throw down with Richard Blumenthal for the seat being vacated by Chris Dodd.

Godless Girl: Earlier this month GG wrote a post about how to get past atheist anger.

Walking the Room: Two of America's more authentic comedians, Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt, have launched a new podcast. Podcasting is a war of attrition where good and decent shows seem to die off every week or so while nonsense rides a wave of unprecedented popularity, so good luck guys, I'll be listening.

Film Drunk: FD's Vince Mancini presents the greatest lede of all time.

KENS5--San Antonio: Teen wolves. Seriously.


Russ Weiss said...

It always amazes me how a group of people who want to either "be themselves" or "be different" do so by joining a group who is exactly the same!

And wearing the "tail" makes the "baggy pants" look almost look sane or even fashionable.

But then I'm getting old...

The Station Agent said...

Group individualism.

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