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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bush Admits Waterboarding

by Jay Allbritton
And still, no one cares. Bush could waterboard KSM right now on TV and no one would care. It's a damn shame because it changes who we are as a people. You either torture or you don't. It takes more than an election to change that. Admitting it may be worse than doing it. That's George W. Bush for you. If it can be made worse, he will find a way to make it worse.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sweet gawd how I hate that man.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I missed Bush's moronic remarks in the mainstream media - no surprise there. It continues to amaze me how the actions of 19 men armed only with boxcutters, has caused the American public to want to (1) tear up the Bill of Rights (2) allow torture and (3) squander trillions of dollars on endless war that accomplishes nothing and may even result in MORE terrorism!

The Station Agent said...

First anonymous: You go.

Second Anonymous: Word.

Doc: Hey man. How's it going?

SadButTrue said...

This admission by Bush oddly enough has more consequences for Obama and AG Eric Holder. They are now legally culpable merely by the fact of not pursuing legal sanctions against those in the Bush administration that tortured, ordered torture, condoned torture, etc.

The Geneva Conventions include provisions that make it a crime for someone in authority to not prosecute when they know torture has taken place. With open public confessions (to the point that it sounds like bragging) from first Cheney and now Bush, how can PresBO and his minion continue to claim ignorance?

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