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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lightning Round--This Brings All New Meaning to the Term Lightning Round Edition

by Jay Allbritton
Rising Hegemon: Big Butter Jesus is toast. The $250,000 yellow statue of Jesus at this riverfront church in Ohio burned to the ground after being struck by lightning. Attaturk handles the irony overdose far better than I could. BBJ and I go way back, to this post. Keep your eyes peeled, people of Ohio, He may yet rise again.

Ragebot!: Kvatch has sent Ragebot! to the dead blog office. Farewell, Ragebot! Hopefully Kvatch returns with a brand new invention sooner than later.

A Tiny Revolution: The Supreme Court rejected the a case brought on behalf of Canadian extraordinary rendition survivor Maher Arar by the Center for Constitutional Rights against the U.S. officials that sent him to Syria to be tortured. Now it's time to do something about it.

Low Budget FM: Co-host Mike Cioffi is a creative, talented guy. He's also working on a project that may change the face of American culture inexorably.

Professor Richard D. Wolf: A New School economist offers a crash course in Marxism in four roughly two-hour lectures. His website offers up plenty of other resources as well.


歐英傑 said...


SadButTrue said...

Re: Big Butter Jesus destroyed by an Act of God:
- heh heh heh - oh, WTF - ROFLMAO!!

Re: Kvatch hops out of the blogosphere:
- his uniquely amphibian sense of humor will be missed

Re: Time to do something about the Arar torture case:
- Canada's RCMP revealed that they've been investigating the case for some time, and anticipate that charges will be laid against US and Syrian officials. About bloody time. How is the US Department of Justice going to continue ignoring this once warrants have been issued? To my knowledge the governing principle of American Exceptionalism has never been codified into law.

story from the Toronto Star

SadButTrue said...

P.S. - I do prefer the "Goalpost Jesus" name for the statue.

The Station Agent said...

Sbt, this photoshop of the statue with a football flying through J-man's out stretched arms is pretty good. So close.

SadButTrue said...

I dunno, that looks more like Incomplete Pass Jesus to me. Anyway I see I got the nickname wrong - it was supposed to be Touchdown Jesus.

I don't know squat about football, but if there were a Crosschecking Jesus statue anywhere in Canada I'd have it down pat.

The Station Agent said...

Crosschecking Jesus is playing an acoustic set at Coachella*.

*This style of joke stolen directly from Marc Chambers of the aforementioned Low Budget FM.

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