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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stewart is Ideal Obama Antagonist

by Jay Allbritton
Matt Zoller Seitz piece on Jon Stewart's recent run of what Seitz calls "Obama Bashing" is a skewed characterization of a really exciting phenomenon. If Jon Stewart's sustained criticism of the White House (far from "bashing", a lazy term which is really out of place here) manages to become the focal point of our national discourse, rather than, say, Fox News or Rush Limbaugh vs. the White House, than we may have a shot at something resembling a national comeback. Or, at least readily available, coherent political analysis. The White House wants Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to be their foils, because they are easily beaten. Stewart's criticism is much more realistic, and actually might serve as a means of focusing the White House, once the shelf life of Stewart's ideas clear the administrative lag time.


Russ Weiss said...

Can we get Rush to vomit on the air?

The Station Agent said...

Did he vomit off the air? Was it at the wedding? Did it get on Elton?

Anonymous said...

If Jon Stewart is laying into Obama, Obama better friggin' listen to what he has to say. He ignores Jon Stewart at his own peril. I'm just sayin'.......

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